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Workplace Health Consultant


Public Speaker

Motivational Coach

Since 2007, Isabelle has shared her passion for health to thousands of people within their workplaces. Having experienced illness and the loss of loved ones at a very young age, Isabelle is a fervent advocate of healthy lifestyle habits.

« Healthy lifestyle habits are the foundation of a strong physical and mental health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a key factor in reducing the risk of illness and developing resilience to life stressors.»

Isabelle Lipari holds a Bachelor of Commerce as well as various certifications and trainings in the health and wellness field. She believes that the workplace is an ideal environment to promote health. Over the last 13 years, she has helped a multitude of organizations to integrate sound management practices and make work environments safe and healthy. Since 2008, she has been contributing with Healthy Enterprise Group as an expert consultant and was an auditor for Bureau de normalisation du Québec for the Healthy Enterprise Standard for 5 years.

In 2014, she published her first book 21 days to change your lifestyle habits, based on her workshop and coaching methods. Aveoactiv - exercise program for office workers was published in 2016.


Personal Story

When Isabelle was only two years old, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Seven years later, she died of multiple brain metastases. Her family is a carrier of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, responsible for genetic breast cancer. Many of her family members died of this genetic cancer.

On her father’s side, Isabelle’s godmother, uncle, and grandfather died of cardiovascular diseases. All of these deaths occurred before Isabelle was 15 years old. At such a young age, Isabelle was heavily affected by all these illnesses and the loss of too many loved ones. She quickly became aware of the necessity of taking her health into her own hands, knowing her genetics were not favourable.

Despite this, at the age of 30, Isabelle was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the worst type of skin cancer. Fortunately it was detected in time but with a 20 month old in tow, she was now being monitored for two cancers. In 2007, her sister was diagnosed with the hereditary breast cancer. Only four year later, Isabelle’s daughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.


Isabelle has also had to deal with a few family members with mental health issues, so she knows only too well the toll this takes, the financial and human burden that goes along with non-health issues. Because of her personal experiences, she wants to be an actor of change.

Isabelle has 3 amazing children to whom she has transmitted her passion for physical and mental health. She is also caregiver to her ailing father.

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The baobab

Also known as “The tree of Life”, the Baobab is one of the oldest trees on earth. Its longevity is due to its immense resilience to natural disasters such as draught and wildfires.

On top of being resilient, beautiful flowers bloom on the Baobab 3 months a year. They produce a fruit full of nutrients essential for our health. The Baobab was chosen because it represents extreme inner strength, longevity as well as physical and mental health.

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