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Physical and Mental Health

Our priority as a society

In our organizations

For individuals

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Workplace Health Consultant, Author, Public Speaker,  Motivational Coach

Isabelle has been sharing her passion for health to thousands of individuals through their workplace. Having experienced illness and the death of several loved ones at an early age, Isabelle is a fervent advocate of healthy lifestyle habit.



Conferences, Workshops, Trainings

Workplace health promotion is an essential part of management practices, whether it’s for your employees, managers or HR personnel.

Individual Coaching

Do you need help changing your lifestyle habits or achieve a particular goal?

Musculoskeletal Problems

Prevent injuries and pain related to repetitive work for office workers, manufacturing or warehouse employees.

Workplace Health Program

Do you want to implement a Health and Wellness Program and start taking care of your employees but you don’t know where to start?

Healthy Enterprise Standard

If you want to be certain you are complying with all requirements of the Healthy Enterprise Standard, hire an expert.

Employee Survey

Get a clear snapshot of your employees’ lifestyle habits and work/life balance satisfaction and an evaluation of your work environment and management practices.


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