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Conferences & Workshops

The lunch an learn is 30-45 minutes in length with a 15-minute question period, but they can be adapted to your needs and reality.

Some topics are also offered in a 15-20 minute lecture or keynote format.


Contact me if you have any specifics needs that need to be addressed.

Physical and Mental Health, a Priority in the Organization

Motivate and inspire your employees to take charge of their health, whether at an event or as part of your health and wellness programming.


Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Learn how to change lifestyle habits with an easy and practical method: 30 lifestyle habits to change now for better health in the future.


Manage Your Stress

Learn how to manage and cope with daily stress and stay healthy. Several solutions are proposed for all types of individuals.

Le sommeil

Sleep 101: The impact that sleep and sleep deprivation has on our health, solutions and resources.


How to Develop Resilience to Stress

Resilience can be developed, acquired and mastered. Presentation of different methods and winning attitudes to apply in our hectic lives.



Healthy Entreprise Standard


Intro training

Before starting this major project, a 3-hour training session will guide you on the concept of the Standard, the main criteria to comply to, the human and financial resource requirements to carry out your project, and the criteria to determine whether this approach is the solution for your organization.

For Human Resources and Management

Specific Training for Managers

It is important for your managers to take care of their health and that of their team. In a second step, a general presentation of the Healthy Enterprise standard so that managers understand its impact on the organization, productivity, but especially their involvement and role in this project.

For Human Resources and managers of all levels

Training for the Health and Wellness Committee

Overview of the Healthy Enterprise Standard so that committee members and managers in charge can understand the process, the requirements, the certification audit as well as their role and responsibilities in this project.

For members of the Health and Wellness Committee, Human Resources and Management.

Other Services

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